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Tackling the Food Waste Issue: DayOld's Surplus Solution

Welcome to London – a food market on every corner and more pop-up/casual dining options than you can shake a stick at.
Crisps even seem to count as a meal these days.

We are a city of Instagram foodie obsessives, advocates of “clean eating” and die-hard fans of avocados and quinoa. 

^ my instagram account is basically just food
Organic isn’t enough anymore, that’s old news.
We want the locally sourced, made by hand kind of stuff that laughs in the face of globalisation.
We prefer to go to independent restaurants, who champion quality and authenticity instead of those slightly cheaper, carbon copies.
It’s ridiculous the amount of money we spend on eating out and speciality coffee – but who can blame us when we’ve been dubbed “Generation Rent”. Is there really much point trying to save our money for grown up sensible things when it’s so out of reach?
Whatever your opinion on that issue it’s clear that today we are thin…
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Why Croydon is becoming cool.

Croydon – definitely not a word you would associate with anything remotely cool and trendy. No  hipster beard or sourdough loaf to be found here.
At the very mention of this place you can’t help but shudder as the images of grey and crumbling 60s concrete threatens to suck out your soul.
*Disclaimer for anyone that does actually live there – I apologise, I am basing this entirely on stereotypes and pre-conceptions but it’s all for a worthy cause.
Despite this, last Friday, I chose to take the train all the way, into the deep dark depths south of the river – much further south than I had ever dared to step before.
Was it madness?
No – just Croydon edging it’s way into gentrified London AKA Boxpark have opened up a huge new complex of shipping containers-come-eateries just outside Croydon station (handily close by so you don’t have to venture too far into the town).

Much larger than the Shoreditch equivalent, everything is arranged around a covered indoor space which will make the perfect…

Grad Life in London: Surviving the first week.

I did it.
I actually did it.
I survived my first week of big, scary adult life in London.
Somehow I managed to pull myself through the first couple of terrifying, confusing days of self-doubt, exhaustion (the mornings were a killer) and just general feelings of I don't think I can do this London thing.

Thankfully, my year abroad had taught me something about new beginnings and I knew that this was just a temporary state. I would eventually find my feet, find routine and not wake up at 5am in a panic that I had overslept.

I knew that I would also eventually remember my way around the huge and seemingly illogical office, that walking from my desk to the tea station (very important obviously) and to lunch and back would soon be so natural it was automatic.

Interns and other people on my team would no longer be a sea of faces but names I could remember and I would figure out where it was that the free breakfast cereal and fruit were hiding (perks of the jobs guys what can I say).


A Food Tour in Bath - Something to Savour

After Uni and exams and those horrible stressful days were over I essentially became a woman who lunched...
and brunched...
...ate out for dinner,  had ALL the cake, drank ALL the coffee and even sipped Gin from a tea cup. 
Because I was a graduand and this was a totally acceptable way of life for the next few weeks until graduation. 
And it was in fact, whilst I was indeed being a lady who brunches that I stumbled upon a food tour.

I was just sitting, being treated to a Birthday Brunch at the Thoughtful Bread Company ^ (which by the way does the BEST bacon sandwich ever) when my well-trained foodie ears noticed a group come in to the bakery on what looked like some kind of tour.
A food tour in Bath?
Was there even such a thing?
Keen not to miss out, I asked the lady in the bakery what it was all about who told me that yes indeed it was.
Ah ha! My foodie senses had not let me down.
She told me it had in fact just been started up by a woman named Jennifer, who used to run food tours in Franc…

Why you are never too old for Disneyland.

Before arriving in Paris, I had no intention of setting foot in Disneyland. All my carefully thought out plans (and I’d done a lot of it because I get a bit carried away with these things) centered around exploring the city…and the food.
I mean, I’d done the whole Disneyland thing the last time I came to Paris… when I was like 12.  But now that I was a proper grown-up- 21 is officially an adult right?- I had wanted to pretend be a classy lady, basking in the sophistication of the Parisen life-style. You know, like visiting the Louvre and drinking wine and stuff…
However, I am never one to turn down a good deal.
It turns out in winter, Disneyland offer cheaper tickets because some of the rides are shut for maintenance, so they worked out around £35- a pretty good bargain if you ask me, considering they normally cost double that plus the price of actually getting to Paris!
And so that is how we spontaneously ended up at Disneyland, buying the tickets that night and the very next day standi…